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I was given a Condit 20x24 vacuum easel recently without a pump. Can I use a shop-vac style vacuum like I might find at Home Depot, and if so, how much horse pwer should it have? I have a source for tubing and fittings. Any further recomendations on using the easel would be appreciated. Thanks.

-- Steve Wiley (, September 06, 2001


We had a vacuum easel at one of my jobs to copy blueprints (up to 36x40). It had a dedicated vacuum motor, like the old canister cleaners. I think it was about 1HP and it was noisy. The hose was about 1-1/2 inches, and looked like the flexible hose on a hair dryer at the salon. A Shop Vac motor is the right idea, since it's designed for that type of service. Probably the little 1 gallon size would be OK for such a small easel.

-- Dave Mueller (, September 06, 2001.

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