Hello sir,

I have PHILLIPS CDI-220 and I used Nero burning 5 to burn vcd. Some movie i burned play well and some just play a partial of it and it stopped. I wonder why? Do i have to check anything off or on while me burning the vcd or i need EZ creator 5? I'm watching teh fast and furious now and it play fine but not american pie 2.

Can you help me, i have a lot of burned vcd. I can't afford to buy dvdplayer that why.


-- kes (, September 06, 2001


Hi, i had the same problem with a philips cdi 210. I was told that i was to do with the way the overscanning, philips cdi will only scan it once, but a dvd player will scan it at least 5 times. so if there is the slightest blip on the cd, the cdi will crach straight away. If you want a good but cheap dvd. buy a wharfdale 750. They are 179 from teasco's or buy the loot and pick up a second hand one. i have got one and its brill!!!!

-- Roy Bold (, October 09, 2001.

It's simple. You need a FMV (Full Motion Video) cartridge in your CD1 player. CDi players can play VCD, but VCD player can't play CDi. And they're is a difference. VCD is a "white book" specification and is formatted in a particular way with particular bit rates. I do not know where you'd find the FMV cartridge.

-- (, October 27, 2001.

You need indeed a CD1 video cartridge to be able to play VCD's. It works fine when using CD-r's, but it is very picky about CD-rw's. I use a CDi-210. The 220 should not give any other result.

You can buy a cartridge at: Watch the type, there are two versions.

A lot of CDi -nformation is to be found at:

Friendly greetings, Eppo R. Kooi.

-- Eppo R. Kooi (E.R.Kooi@XS4all.NL), November 05, 2001.

I also Own a Philips CDI-210 and I have exactly the same problem. even with my originals (yes Originals Not Pirate Silvers) I think that the problem is that like some1 earlier said if it comes accross an error and just haults and goes back to the menu.

unless there is a way to replace the laser Units in these I dont think we are going to fix the problem. personaly I think they are a shitty design.

-- ChuckY (, December 10, 2001.

BULLSHIT, in 1 hour i had made a non-cdi compatible vcd into a fully working version that was 100% compatible with my CDI 201 player.

I used nero to turn it into a vcd

at first i kept getting error message in nero (invalid stream for cdi 2.0 compatible vcd)

all i did to rectify this was to take it into tmpg encoder and went to File -> VCD TOOLS, then simple multiplex, choose input file, and select MPEG-1 VCD from the scroll bar.


-- selekta (, February 24, 2002.

Hello, I don't know anything about the problem, but like to know if a CDI-player can read mpeg1-formatted video clips. Does anybody know the answer? Johnathan

-- John (, July 12, 2002.

just wanting to know if any1 out there is fed up with there Philips CDI player that I am willing to buy them off of you in any condition.

need some extra cash to put towards a DVD player maybe?

email me and let me know

-- ChuckY181 (, December 18, 2002.

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