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In what way does one estimate the weight of a bovine? I have 2 steers, one bull calf (soon to be steer), a young bull, a heifer, and a milk cow. I would really like to know appoximatly how much they weigh but, they just don't fit onto the bathroom scale. Thanks, Tana

-- Tana Cothran (, September 05, 2001


Response to How much does he weigh?

Using a tape measure:

1. Measure the circumference (heart girth) from a point slightly behind the shoulder blade, down over the foreribs and under the body behind the elbow.

2. Measure the length of the body from the point of the shoulder to the point of the rump (pinbone).

3. Apply the following formula:

heart girth x heart girth x body length divided by 300 = weight in pounds.

Example: If the heart girth is 76 inches and the body length is 66 inches, it's 76 x 76 = 5,776 x 66 = 381,216 divided by 300 = 1,270 pounds.

-- ~Rogo (, September 06, 2001.

Response to How much does he weigh?

I had found for free at a feed store a measuring tape that your put around their stomache and it gives you a pretty good guess at the animals weight. You might try calling your local feed store or farm vet. They might even have some for free with a little advertising on them. Good Luck !!

-- Helena (, September 06, 2001.

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