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Does anyone own an Adorama made 4-bladed easel? Any comments on the quality. An 11 x 14 sells for about $120 less than the Bessler model so I would be interested in any comments.

-- r (, September 05, 2001


I've seen Adorama's adjustable easel. It is not well made and you will basically get what you pay for. My estimation is if you buy it, you will soon be buying a better brand. Better to bit the bullet now and pay the money for an Omega easel. They are definitely the best. The Beselar easels are also good, but not quite as nice as the Omegas.

Omega has two 4-blade models. I don't recall the model names offhand, but the more expensive one is heavier, more solidly made and has more precise adjustments; I think it's called the V-track. The lesser priced 4-blade model is very good, too, and perfectly adequate. If you are doing this professionally, where speed and precision are important, get the V-track. It costs 50% more, but the cost is justified by the quality.

-- Ted Kaufman (, September 06, 2001.

Absolutely agree!!! The Beseler isn't worth the money because you will have a hell of a time getting straight borders. Spend the money on the Saunders 1114 or the V-track!!! and save the aggrevation you will get.

-- Scott Walton (, September 06, 2001.

The Adorama easel looks like a "Premier" easel, low price but equally low quality.I have been using a Saunders "Slimtrack" 11X14 easel for the last 3 years. It is rugged, well made and easy to use. According to Saunders it is the replacement for the U1417. I did look at the Bessler but foud the Saunders to be a little easier to use. Well worth the price. RO

-- Robert Orofino (, September 06, 2001.

For the price of an Adorama easel, you can get an excellent 4-blade Saunders easel on eBay. I just bought a professional model (with knobs to move the blades) that was in mint shape for about $100. Regular 4-blade easels sometimes sell for about $70. Just pay attention to the condition, and ask the seller a question if you need to know something.

-- Jim Rock (, September 06, 2001.

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