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Forget CO2, here is the real menace. Dihydrogen Monoxide.

It has been implicated in the deaths of thousands of people around the world every year.

It is also known as hydroxyl acid, and is a major component of acid rain.

It is claimed that in its gaseous form it is a greenhouse gas.

It has been proven to affect the climate.

It accelerates corrosion and rusting in many metals.

It has been found in excised tumours of terminal cancer patients.

For more information on this potentially harmful chemical read the full story here.

-- Malcolm Taylor (, September 05, 2001


The Polly's side of the arguement can be read here.

-- Malcolm Taylor (, September 05, 2001.

Very funny, dude.

Yo Malcom, how you been buddy? I hear you got married. You still working at the hydro plant?

I moved on to "management", but I still get some technical projects, so it's not too bad.

Don't be a stranger, bro.

-- Dan the Power Man (, September 05, 2001.

Hi Dan,

Yes, I'm still with the Hydro group, and we're having quite an interesting time at the moment. A very dry year coupled with a volatile electricity market almost led us into a California type situation.

I got married a year ago, then we bought a few acres of undeveloped land. We've just finished building a house on it and we're now in the process of planting some trees. Unfortunately it will be another two or three months before we get any phone lines onto the property, so I don't get on the net as much as I used to.

I'm still lurking here quite regularly when I'm at work, but don't get the time to post much. I still like keeping up with all thats going on, so just because my name doesn't appear much, don't assume I'm not around. :-)

My regards to all of the "old regulars" from the Y2K era.

-- Malcolm Taylor (, September 05, 2001.

Better watch out. I heard there was a lot of that dihydrogen monoxide stuff around hydroelectric plants.

-- Buddy (, September 05, 2001.

....this joke's older than Jesus. It would have been funny the first six hundred times, but got kind of stale, after realizing some people were this freakin' STOOPID.

-- Goin' round and round (older@than.dirt), September 05, 2001.

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