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I've a ClipMaster MPEG1 encoder. When i save the MPG (encoded with VCD settings) file in VCD format with NERO 5.5 (demo version) tools (using the predefined settings), I obtain a VCD that i can't view nor in my Pioneer LD-VCD player, nor in my PC with SAMSUNG CDr/rw.

The Pioneer LD-VCD player see 2 tracks. the first about 1 minuthe length, the seconth the full video length, but i see nothing.

The PC see only the first track with the folders, and in one of them a DAT file. The system I'm using is Windows ME.

Where is the problem? Please, give me some help!

-- Juli Perez (, September 05, 2001


Are you sure you have a LD-VCD player? Please look again. Does your laserdisc player say that it plays CDV? This is a VERY important distinction. CDV is an old format that allowed for 5 minutes of analog video and up to 20 minutes of CD audio on a 5 inch CD disc. The audio is playable on any audio CD player but the video can only be watched on a laserdisc player. I have never heard of any laserdisc player that could play VCD. VCD is a completely incompatible format with CDV. I have no idea why you're having problems playing it on your PC though, but the video file is in the MPEGAV subdirectory, if that helps you any. In case you are wondering, there is no software available to allow you to make CDVs and even if you could, your laserdisc player might not handle CD-R media very well. Also, would a format that only allowed for 5 minutes of video really be all that helpful? Even miniDVD offers more than that.

-- Jason (, September 05, 2001.

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