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What silly things did you do this Labor Day weekend?

-- Jeannette Silver (, September 04, 2001


I did joyful C'Ville stuff this weekend with John--great fun hiking, playing tennis, football, outdoorsy weekend hanging out at UVA. But I wanted to give a quick note on the hair removal issue because to write about my weekend would be as long as a rambling and I don't think I have the energy for that right now! :) (We now see one of the reasons why Becca doesn't have a webpage--she's too damn lazy!)

Anyway, here's my tip: say no to Nair. I tried it once thinking it was a simple solution to not having to shave. You put cream on, you let it sit, you wipe cream off. How simple is that? Problems: 1) The stuff smells. Not a biggie, but unpleasant none the less. 2) It sort of works. Maybe I just wasn't patient enough (perhaps because I couldn't deal with the odor?) but I was trying this on my legs and all the hair was not gone when I cleaned the goo off. 3) Itch, itch, itch. Again, this may have just been a reaction that I had but I was extremely glad I hadn't tried to use the stuff elsewhere because I was scratching a lot for a few days.

That's my sage advice for the day...

-- Beccaly (, September 06, 2001.

I knew a sort of friend of a friend who decided to wax off her pubic hair before a date. All of it. She appartently put on a little too much and was unable to get it off, either because of pain or just using too much I don't know. She had to go on the date with a slab of wax on her.

Becca, thanks for the Nair advice, I have been curious but never tried it. I recomend those new 3 blade razors. When they first hit the market I thought "what a gimick..." but the one came as a free sample with my shaving cream and they really are better. Call me a victim of a common marketing ploy.

As for Labor day weekend, that is when I got my Lasik surgery. For anyone who might be considering it, it totally kicks ass! I have perfet vision now and I got to have a ritual burning of my glasses on contacts.

Also, Ma, Eric, and I went to the Williamsburg outlet mall and supported the economy. I got a new bag from Dooney and Bourke and lots of handly little Coach leather items to put in it. Eric got a dark grey silk/cashmere pull-over sweater with a polo collar that makes him look like a famous European conductor. Ahh...materialism.

-- Sara (, September 09, 2001.

Remember the movie, The Karate Kid? Well, it was on t.v. this weekend. I have just one comment to make: "wax on...wax off".

-- Jeannette Silver (, September 10, 2001.

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