What is the oldest continuously running restaurant in SF?

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I was hoping someone may know what the name of the oldest continuously operating restaurant in San Francisco is?

-- Erica Evans (americangirle@earthlink.net), September 04, 2001


I believe it is Tadich's Grill on Californa Street.

-- Craig Smith (palmedo@aol.com), September 04, 2001.

The Tadich Grill has had a chain of owners going back to 1849. The name does not go back that far but the only serious interruption of business was the '06 quake and there has been a few changes in location. Most of the owners have been from the Dalmatia region of present-day Croatia. Ther has been a chain of migration from that region to SF since the gold rush. The first member of my family to come here arrived in 1895 and went to work at the Tadich as a dishwasher adn eventually a butcher.

-- Don Martinich (dutchm@dcn.davis.ca.us), September 05, 2001.

See http://www.usfca.edu/fbrc/success_stories1.htm for a history. Bob.

-- Bob Verbrugge (bob_verbrugge@compuserve.com), September 05, 2001.

That would be Jack's on or near Battery Street I believe. The decor is pre 1906 and it's the oldest restaurant running in the city.

-- Bill Williams (oceans1129@yahoo.com), January 04, 2003.

Jack's 'only' goes back to 1864.

-- D. A. Martinich (dutchm@dcn.org), January 05, 2003.


-- Friend of the Food (nolospamo@our-site.com), July 23, 2004.

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