Heiland Splitgrade system for V35 enlarger

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Does anybody in Oregon/Washington have the Splitgrade system on their V35 enlarger ? If so, would you be willing to observe it's use ? George Doolittle, Portlan

-- George L. Doolittle (geodoolitt@aol.com), September 04, 2001


I too was sceptical about the cost of this and how useful it is. Let me explain briefly my experiences. Previously I actually hated printing, I loved the results, but hated the time end effort to do it and all the wasted paper. I also felt that i never actually or rarely got a perfect print. Now I love printing, I am almost addicted...Most of the prints are right first time. Now do not think that you just hit the button and the machine does all the work, you learn how to best use it as a tool. I have now what I consider a preferred offset on the time, and I know what and how to scan. The unit for me is also extremely educational and allows me to print images I would have previously neglected. My advice...for what it is worth...buy one, if you really don't like it you can sell it. How many people do you think are waiting to get a second hand option......

-- Richard (richard@designblue.co.uk), September 05, 2001.

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