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I've just moved to Seattle and once again need to find good labs. Can anyone recommend labs in Seattle or the east side for B+W and E6 up to 8x10?

Thanks, Peter Shier

-- Peter Shier (, September 03, 2001


Ivey Seright. Next to Glazer's Camera.

-- L. Wolfe (, September 04, 2001.

One quick note: Ivey Seright was recently purchased and changed their name to Photobition Seattle. The kept the same equipment and people though. The only thing that changed was the logo and the name.

I've given them far too much of my money, but at this point I would not send my film to any other lab in the Seattle area.

-- Nathaniel Paust (, September 04, 2001.

I also use Ivey-Seright (Photobition) in Seattle and am very happy with the results. Though there is another lab in town that gives equally excellent results. This lab is "Prolab" and they are located in the Fremont district of Seattle, which is a little more difficult to find that Ivey-Seright. Prolab can be found at the address below:

Prolab Digital & Photographic Imaging 123 NW 36th Street Seattle, Wa

PH (206) 547-5447

If I was to make a recommendation based on film type. Ivey-Seright (Photbition) seems to get the most out of Fuji Film products and Prolab seems to get the most out of Kodak EktaChrome. Both give excelent results with B&W.

Also, for B&W processing ask the people at Glazer's for a recommendation. Seattle has two other labs that specialize in B&W. I have not used them so can't make a recommendation.

For film Glazer's Camera is the best choice for sheet films (4x5, 5x7, and 8x10) B&W and Color (E6 and C41). Optech's is another good choice for sheet film, though selection will be more limited (mostly 4x5, with some choices in 8x10).

If you are South of Seattle you might try R&K Photo in Auburn. They are a small shop, so the selection is limited. Though Dennis and Tom are very experienced in large format and are working to build the large format section. If you have the time they can probably get anything you want.

I hope this helps.

-- Paul Barclay (, September 15, 2001.

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