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Dear lF photographer,

I'm a beginner of LF,I want to buy a Wista VX field camera,but the Wista SP has a back movement more.Is the back movement often useful in adjusting the image?If not,I will buy VX. What is the disadventage of VX?

Someone can solve my questions!

Ka Vo

-- Kou Ka Vo (, September 03, 2001


If you are in the US you can call our office tomorrow and ask for a Wista comparison sheet. 800 735 4373.

Back movements allow you to eliminate or create converging lines.

-- Bob Salomon (, September 03, 2001.

The two Wistas are very different cameras, the VX is a metal field particularly versatile if you want a very rigid camera, the other one has a very nice light construction and a soft bellows, I'd buy the SP (I owned a VX for threeyears.....) if I didn't have already a Shen Hao.

-- Andrea Milano (, September 03, 2001.

I have used the SP for several years and highly recommend Wista. In comparing the SP and the VX on B&H's web site it appears the only main difference between the two is the micro back swing available on the SP. I rarely use this feature for landscape work but it is my understanding that it is primarily intended for close-up photography. If you plan on doing macro work or think you might sometime in the future then I would opt for the SP; it's "only" another $100 and you have that feature if you need it.

Another consideration if you plan on backpacking and are extremely weight conscious is the fact that the VX is about a pound lighter.

-- Mark Windom (, September 03, 2001.

I made a mistake, as other people pointed out the difference is in the micrometic movement, I was talking about a wooden Wista DX

-- Andrea Milano (, September 03, 2001.

I have the VX and would certainly recommend it very highly.

The saving in cost/weight re the SP might not be massive, but it's certainly significant and as always, increasing complexity increases the potential for things to go wrong. I've not yet had any occasion when micro-swing was needed - don't forget you've got the normal back- swing on either camera (though the zero detent is a bit heavy and it would be difficult to get very small adjustments there). Now if it were proper back-standard focusing I'd be all in favour, but it isn't so I'm not!

So, I'd say go for the VX and enjoy it. I originally bought the Wista because Toyo's were in short supply - having used it for a couple of months and tried Toyo & Horseman equivalents, I'm now very glad that I got the Wista instead.

Good luck.

-- Stuart Whatling (, September 03, 2001.

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