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First of all ...sorry for asking so many questions at one go... I have been using WinOnCD 3.5 for VCD's but since it does not support "BURN Proof" feature I am now considering purchase of ECDC 5 (Platinum) or Nero 5.5 Please help me select the best as regards faster & reliable CD-R burning. Since I create VCD's on a commercial basis (approx. 4 VCD's everyday) I need to ensure full compatibility and hence strictly follow the White-Book specifications. Some of the Pro's & cons of Nero & ECDC are confusing. > Nero 5.5 boasts of an inbuilt hi-quality AVI to MPG encoder ...has anyone tested the quality of this encoder? How does it compare with TMPGenc or Panasonic encoder? ...iAuthor files support etc. ? 2> Nero allows CBR/VBR SVCD's ...How about ECDC 5.0 as regards flexibility and supported file formats? 3> Nero supports burning on multiple recorders simultaneously. Has anyone tried this? 4> Nero reviews do not mention "BURN Proof" feature, & ECDC has it. Is this true? and finally....5> Why is it that WinOnCD 3.8 Power edition is only distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland ?

Once again sorry for the salvo of questions ......and many thanks to Mehmet Tekdemir, Jason Shumate & Roger Ohara who have always been a great help.


-- Chetan Umarje (, September 02, 2001


Hi, I have used many VCD programs and I have found that Nero 5.5 is the best and the built in encoder works great. I also use Xing Mpeg Encoder as well to encode any files that are recorded in AVI format before buring with Nero. I have never had a problem with Nero and cannot reccomend it enough. Also with Nero 5.5 you can add your own menu as well just like DVD's and thats a really neat feature. So there is no need to bother with any other program. Just get Nero and be done with it!

Regards CybaGirl

-- CybaGirl (, September 04, 2001.

I can only answer a couple of your questions. Nero can't burn I-Author files. I've read that there is a program that can convert them to whatever (CUE?) WinOnCD uses. Nero does have burn proof. You should also be aware that ECDC 5.0 does not support I-Author's CIF format. You have to use version 4.X if you want to burn I-Author files.

-- Jason (, September 04, 2001.


I use ECDC 4.0 Deluxe for burning my IAuthor cifs, but it's crap anyway. I bought a new recorder a few weeks ago, that isn't recognised as CD-Recorder but as CD-Rom Drive. I tried to convert I- Author with cdmage. But cdmage seems not to be able to convert multitrack files.

Nero is one helluvaprogram. It works with both of my recorders, supports all kinds datasecuring (BurnProof, Securelink...) The menu option works nice for newbies, but for commercial mastering it's far too primitive. The built in MPEG-Encoder is crap (Sorry Cybagirl). I nearly tested all important encoders on the market.

1. TMPEGEnc: really powerfull filter options, but slow as hell best picture quality so far 2. Cinemacraft Encoder: The fastest encoder out there. best for miniDVD, DVD & (X)SVCD mastering. Picture quality is nearly as good as TMPEGEnc. 3. BBMPEG: Quite well, quite fast, many options, good quality 4. LSX - MPEG: for an encoder, that is that expensive it's quite bad although it is very user friendly. may be the best for beginners. picture quality is not that good at low bitrate. its satisfactory.

-- BerserkerD (, May 08, 2002.

I have Nero installed in my PC and for the CD Writer I use ASUS CRW-5224A which use FlextraLink technology for burn proof, Nero able to detect my CD Writer and use the burn proof. In my office we use many kind of CD Writer (LiteOn, Yamaha, HP, etc...) and Nero able to detect them and use their burn proof.

I have tested TMPGEnc to decode from DivX Video (AVI format) to MPEG format and there was no problems, the quality of the video and audio after converted to MPEG still good like original.

-- Mike (, September 19, 2003.

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