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Well, it's been along time since I've been here, but I'm so grateful I can come back when I get time and my computer is actually working.

Hopefully someone can help me a little. My computer keeps freezing up. We added a Yahtzee game (which also updated aol), and the kids added a game called Diablo II. Diable II was added first, and they used it a long time without any problems. Since then, the computer started freezing up during use, and it seems to be getting worse--less time in use before it freezes. We have Windows 98. When I added the Yahtzee game, the aol update changed some of my settings so that aol would start itself. I got that fixed. A few days ago I deleted Yahtzee hoping that would help, but it hasn't. I went to the Diablo II site and their suggestion was to delete and reinstall the game, which I did. Didn't help. At first we thought it was just the mouse, but then figured out it was the computer--I try to shut it down using cntr+alt+delete, but even that won't work. I have to shut it down at the hard drive which I don't like to do so often. Unknown to me, it was being shut down sometimes as often as 3-5 times in a half hour. Since then we haven't been letting anyone use the computer very often, and not at all once it starts freezing up. I seem to be able to stay on-line without it freezing up for quite a while. Any help would be appreciated. I'm thinking I may have to take it to someone to be fixed, but hoping I won't. LOL Thanks, Amber

-- Anonymous, September 02, 2001


sounds like you may have a virus in it. Have you ran a check up on it?

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2001

I know little or nothing about computers, but I do know that mine always crashes when I have too many windows open, if that rings any bells.

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2001

It always seems to me that anyone who has AOL reports troubles a LOT. More than that, I can't say. I don't know anything about Diablo, but what about just deleting it without reinstalling, and then see how it goes?

-- Anonymous, September 09, 2001

Thanks for the answers. Things got so bad that we couldn't even log on anywhere before the computer froze. Trying to find out the problem the cheapest way, I went to my parents and tried our mouse on their computer. It didn't work. I remembered we had another mouse in the garage from and older computer (the mouse was newer), so I dug it out and everything has been fine! I'm sure glad it was an easy fix. OUr warranty ran out on our computer about 3 weeks ago so I can't even get help over the phone without it costing a bundle. Had a few problems with the kids' game, but found out that was due to some "cheats" they were using. All is fixed for now.

AOL has been more trouble than it's worth, and it just keeps costing more. We are going over to net zero--$9.95 a month without all the pop up adds of the free net zero. For anyone who's interested, net zero is offering free trial for the $9.95 net zero each weekend in Sept. I found them by doing a search and downloaded the free site.

Thanks agian for all the help.

-- Anonymous, September 10, 2001

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