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This question is mainly for Peter Chung in case he is listening. I remember reading some interview or web chat where you said that in Thanatophobia a lot Sybill's more orgasmic cries were edited from the final cut. Now, as high quality as Aeon Flux is, there is no denying the fact that by public broadcast standards it is pretty risque. And since you seem like the kind of guy that likes to push the envelope I was just wondering how much has been cut from the various episodes. I downloaded a 2 or 3 second clip off the internet that was cut from the beginning of Gravity that shows a woman masturbating against a door and I am guessing each episode has stuff that MTV just didn't think was kosher. Is there any chance that we would ever see a totally uncut Aeon Flux compendium released or should I not hold my breath? Or in your opinion do those short snippits of footage even matter, from a narrative or artistic perspective?

-- Logo (, September 01, 2001

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