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Anyone know what's ahppened to Bromwell Marketing? They used to do Boss screens, Gandolfi, Baerbach Tripods etc?

Their website doesn't seem to come up anymore

Tim A

-- Tim Atherton (, September 01, 2001


I finally gave up on them and bought my Gandolfi from Badger. Big mistake should have called Gandofl direct and get it from them, a lot cheaper.

-- Jorge Gasteazoro (, September 01, 2001.

Sorry, I just got an e mail from Badger and they are correct, I forgot to change the currency, and Jeff pointed this out right, Badger does have a good deal on the Gandolfi and they are very easy to deal with...:-))

(Happy now Jeff?)

-- Jorge Gasteazoro (, September 01, 2001.


-- Jeff Taugner/ Badger Graphic Sales (, September 01, 2001.

Have you tried the telephone 412-321-4118? I spoke with Ted Bromwell quite often from roughly January to May of this year, trying to obtain the 8x10 Bosscreen that I ordered. He was definitely still in business then and continues to advertise in "View Camera" magazine.

-- Brian Ellis (, September 03, 2001.

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