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I have an opportunity to purchase either a Linhof Super Technica 6X9 with both roll film and ground glass backs or a Hasselblad 500 C kit. Both are in fine shape. My love is scenery and portraiture. I have a good command of the "zone system" and shoot colour half of the time. I would appreciate some input to help me decide.

-- Bo Pryszlak (, August 31, 2001


Hi Bo

For portraits is the Hassi the easier way, but for scenery you are better with the Linhof and allover, if you are not a point and shoot guy you should take the Linhof because you have more possibilitis, like shift and mister Scheimpflug etc. Good luck.

-- Seeholzer Armin (, September 01, 2001.

Which model of the Linhof. Super technika 69 is not at all specific.

III, IV, V, Vb, 70 or something else?

The serial number will pin it down.

Bear in mind, depending on model, a 69 Technika can be quite a bit older then the first 500C.

-- Bob Salomon (, September 01, 2001.

i agree with bob - both of those are likely quite old, and i would be very careful, especially with the hassy. hasselblads have SO MANY moving parts, it is problematic to find a C that is in realiably usable condition. it is not nearly as problematic to purchase a older view camera, in terms of mechanical operability, but with the older technicas, you have to watch out for compatibility with newer accessories, boards, etc, and that can make quite a difference. if you really want a hassy (i used that system for several years and it is truly superb, but unbelieveably expensive), buy a newer model, at least a mint 500CM with an accumat screen. since the shutters are in the lenses, buy the newest, mintest condition lens(es) you can afford - this rule also applies to view cameras - put your biggest money in the lenses. with the technica, check the model #, as bob suggests, get some comments from him about current useability before purchasing. square is a great format for portraiture, but not the best choice for landscapes. i did enjoy square for a long time for fine art meanderings, but i do architecture for a living, and my heart is 4x5. i dont even own any smaller cameras any more...

-- jnorman (, September 01, 2001.

As an update, since we don't know which model Linhof is involved, these relative dates may be of help.

Technika III 69 introduced 10/1951 Technika IV 69 introduced 9/1956 Technika Press 69 introduced 9/1956 Technika 70 69 introduced 12/1962 Technika Press 70 69 introduced 11/1969 Technika V 69 introduced 1/1969 Technika Vb 69 introduced 4/1975

There are no repair parts for the III, IV (up to SN 82675) or the Technika Press.

In additiona no accessories like lensboards for the III.

Now if you can find the serial number of the camera we can determine what Linhof you are looking at.

-- Bob Salomon (, September 04, 2001.

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