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After lengthy negotiations I can now reveal myself to be the person that secured the production art and original color model sheets that were placed on the market recently.

I will be putting them on my site as time permits. The first items to go on display are some fine Art Proofs for the MTV Animation Trading Cards.

-- William (, August 31, 2001


For any of the people shrugging their shoulders and saying "so what!" I apologise for this message thread.

I have received a few emails from people expressing their dis- pleasure about one person receiving the whole package of production material. I would like to clear the air by posting a thorough explanation.

The seller was new to this kind of thing and was extremely surprised by the response he received about the items he listed on ebay. It was producing about 100 emails a day! In the end he was basically trying to sell them as fast as he could. He was getting quite distressed about the amount of emailed and constant attention and questions.

One of the first things the seller insisted on was extremely tight secrecy. I promised that I would not tell anyone or email anyone about it at all. I had to act as if I did not even know about it until the deal was finalised.

He wanted to keep everything as quiet as possible. By disclosing myself as the buyer that would have just heated up the topic again. Perhaps even started a bidding frenzy and that is the exact opposite to what he wanted.

I think I was just lucky that he read my email at the same time he decided that he wanted to sell the whole package together. Once we started emailing I sent him my URL and some references to similar largish deals I had been a part of (cels & production material) so he felt it safe to proceed.

The good thing I see coming from this is, that by me securing everything, it is still available for the Aeon online community. It won't be locked away by an anonymous party without anyone interested being able to see it. Hopefully, this will increase interest about the series.

-- William (, August 31, 2001.

Hm. You know what, that sounds really cool. I mean, I'm not about any of this colletors' business but as far as I'm concerned for somebody to have compiled an archival database for purposes including anone's fre-access online perusal, I should only want to express much appreciation to your availing all to what you seem to have somehow documented for reference purposes online...? Unless I'm overenlarging upon this (you don't know, yeah ok...). But really, though, whatever you can do it sounds like you're a hero. If there's anything I can do to help or something I'd be happy to oblige; I think I've really got nothing however by any way of art (production or otherwise), tho. Anywaze, yeh cool- -MM

-- dangerboy (, November 10, 2001.

earthlink? Didn't they have an online deal with Sega? And Sega screwed owners of its hardware by discontinuing the Dreamcast after only a year! HOW DARE YOU?

-- ONAN (, November 11, 2001.


-- dangerboy UNTETHERED (, November 11, 2001.

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