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Dear Little Girl,

She says you are nine as you read this and so I believe her. You should listen to her - she knows you, will always know you, better than anyone else, better than even you do.

What she doesn't always remember, what I'd like to tell you, is that just as you will be affected and touched and loved, you will love and touch and affect. You will be courageous and strong and warm-hearted. You will be a dear friend to so many, to many you have never even met. You will be - you ARE - blessed with sunshine and light and love, and you share it with everyone around you. You can make people smile when you say hello. You will find constant delight in the happiness of others, as much as in your own. You will grow into a sassy, smart, sexy woman, independent and strong-willed and fair. There are one million amazing things about you, and I hate to think there will ever be a day you forget that.

A long time from now you'll know me well enough to know I only wax sentimental when I mean it, and so I wish you love, and joy, with every fiber of my being.

Love always, -kat.

p.s.: She's right about the skirts, too.

-- Anonymous, August 31, 2001


*soft smile*

Thank you, Kat. So much.

-- Anonymous, August 31, 2001

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