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Well I've just gotten a new classic Arca Swiss with a technika-AS lens board adaptor so I don't have to use the big AS boards. But I see that there is some play in the way my technika copy boards mount. These boards are not true Linhof but either Horseman or Wista. Is a Linhof board a bit thicker perhaps?? That would solve the problem. BTW the new Micro-orbix works like a peach. One hand on the front tilt and the other on rear focus. If I could see that would be how to do it. But I need a loup!

-- David Goldes (, August 30, 2001


I've got my lenses mounted on a mix of Wista, Bromwell & Linhof boards as well. The real question is how snug is the board once it is locked in place. If it is a little loose than a piece of masking tape might be enough to snug the board tight to the adapter board. The problem isn't with the TK to Arca adapter, but that there really isn't a standard thickness to the ring on the back of the board, even among Linhof boards.

-- Ellis Vener Photography (, August 30, 2001.

Ellis-- Thanks for the tip. I'm just a bit surprized that none of my tech boards are completely snug. Strange. But a small piece of tape should do it. David

-- David Goldes (, August 31, 2001.

As most of you know we are the US distributor for Linhof and for Wista so we just measured one of each.

Linhof flat board is

96.07 x 98.74 x 1.74mm

Wista flat board is 96.61 x 98.82 x 1.95mm

The thickness is measured at the edge without the ring in back of the board being measured.

Speaking of the ring on the Linhof board it is 79.28mm in diameter and the Wista ring is 78.91mm in diameter. The chromed area at the top of the board that the lock rests on measures as follows:

Linhof 1.97mm thick, Wista 2.20mm thick.

So the boards are similar but not identical.

the Linhof board measured is a current one made after Linhof's use of CDC milling eqipment for manufacturing. Older boards will measure differently and current linhof boards may need to have the finish scraped off the long edges to fit older Linhof cameras.

-- Bob Salomon (, August 31, 2001.

Additionally there may be one other snall difference. A Wista board with pilot hole is 0.1 oz lighter then the same board from Linhof. This could be the difference in the weight of the crests, however.

-- Bob Salomon (, August 31, 2001.

Wow! that is precision measuring. Thanks. The Wista boards worked perfectly well on my technika but I guess I'll have to firm them up with the Arca Swiss-Tech board adaptor.

-- David Goldes (, September 01, 2001.

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