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Could anybody recommend a class on San Francisco History? I have already checked the one at City College but unfortunately the schedule doesn't fit mine. Any idea is welcome. Thanks in advance.

-- Annie Armstrong (aarmstrong_99@yahoo.com), August 30, 2001


It's not exactly a class, but have you tried going around with the City Guides or other lecture-walks? The City Guides can be contacted through the library. (And you can also train to be one -- you really bone up on history to do it.)

The library also has history lectures from time to time. Check the event listings in the Pink Section and the Bay Guardian.

-- Rosa Debonneheure (rosadebon@yahoo.com), August 31, 2001.



This is a link to a sfsu course which has already been given, but it also contains a link to the powerpoint presentations which might interest you:



-- Bob Verbrugge (bob_verbrugge@compuserve.com), September 01, 2001.

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