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I'm searching for purchase/capital costs of standard versus Premium Efficient power transformers. Could you point me to where this data might be available? I'm trying to put a spreadsheet together that will be used to calculate a conservation credit and incentive for a Bonneville Power Authority program.

Thanks, Ken

-- Kenneth J. Saulter (ksaulter@nwppc.org), August 30, 2001



The best person to contact regarding incremental cost would be David Korn of The Cadmus Group. David is a contractor for The EPA, specifically for Energy Star Transformers. You can reach him by phone at 781-434-2521 or by e-mail at dkorn@cadmusgroup.com. Please let me know if you need additional direction.


Melissa Mastrianni CEE

-- Melissa A. Mastrianni (mmastrianni@ceeformt.org), September 05, 2001.

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