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I currently own an AE-1 with a selection of FD lenses, and am very happy with it. I'm considering buying a second camera body to go with this system - I've recently seen both an A-1 and a T-90 for sale at local dealers.

Any recommendations, thoughts or experiences (good or bad!) with either of these cameras would be most welcome. The T-90 would be quite a lot more expensive, as well as bigger and heavier than the A-1 - is it worth it?

-- Louise (, August 30, 2001


I have an A-1 and 2 T-90s. I love both models, but f starting from scratch I'd get the T-90 again any time! Advantages?

1. Autowind- up to 5fps- and rewind. 2. Sophisticated metering up to multiple spot metering if you wish. 3. Multiple, useful, intuitive exposure modes- easily chosen and altered. 4. Works from cheap standard batteries. 5. Solid as a brick 6. elegant as a black Porsche

I know there are people who swear by the 'F' series Canon FD cameras, but for me the T-90 is, quite simply, brilliant and best!

Cheers JIM

-- Jim Cross (, August 30, 2001.


I agree with Jim. I also own two A-1's and two T90's. The T90 is wonderful, often touted as the best manual focus camera ever made. But I don't discount the A-1, either. It's still a very good camera, and a good bit more capable than the AE-1. If you have little need for the advanced features of the T90, it's still a great way to go.

When you add the motor drive MA to the A-1, it is both bigger and heavier than the T90. The A-1 sells for perhaps half as much. The T90 dislikes being stored; it works most reliably if exercised regularly. The A-1 develops mirror damper squeak, but there is an easy fix available for that now.

I suppose, like buying anything, it's still a decision of cost vs. features.

-- Alan Swartz (, August 30, 2001.

I'm wondering why you have not mentioned the F1n (new)? If you can find one with a AE finder, you'll have automatic in aperture and shutter priority modes, as well as one of the most sturdy, reliable 35mm camera bodies ever made. And this camera is far more convenient to use in manual mode than either the A-1 or the T-90. Admittedly, the F1 body with motor drive is heavy, but it is extremely well made.

-- Ted Kaufman (, October 05, 2001.

I had to make the above decision a couple of years ago and I agree with Ted,an F1N is by far the best.The T90 was a technical marvel and it is true to say that it is one of the most advanced manual cameras ever,but it falls down on simple things.It is battery reliant, has no PC socket, it's very fiddly and for my money overly complicated-like a modern auto.I just wanted a reliable simple, but very well built camera that would not let me down and the F1N is just that.

-- James Harris (, October 05, 2001.

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