Has anyone used Morton Salt for a flea remedy?

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Hi, We have this little, older dog. Everyone year at this same time...she starts itching and will not quit. It may be an allergy. If she is going to have fleas..this too seems to occur at this same time of the year. She is uncomfortable. I read that you could use Morton Salt for a rememdy. Has anyone read or used this idea? I sure would like to hear from ya...whether you think it would work...and whether you think there is anything that would hurt her. Thank you so much. This site is great and just chuck full of useful info. Seems like you all reach out to everyone...I think that is great!

-- Sher in southeast Iowa (riverdobbers@webtv.net), August 30, 2001


Response to Has anyone used Morton Salt for a flea rememdy?

I gave our dog benedryl for his flea allergy before I found out about Advantage. That worked when the allergies were bad. I think the way the salt would work is that salt is very healing--you know like when you have a cut that heals when you swim in the ocean?

-- Ann Markson (tngreenacres@hotmail.com), August 30, 2001.

Back when I kept Bird dogs I always put some rock salt in their bedding and they never had worms.

-- Mel Kelly (melkelly@webtv.net), August 31, 2001.

I have used salt to rid my house of fleas. I start by washing the dog at least 3 times a week and vaccumming twice a day. I then spread salt all over my carpets and let it set over night then vaccuum it up in the morning. Just remember to get rid of the vaccuum bag as the adult fleas will crawl out of it. It usually takes a week or two to completely get rid of them. I also spray the dog with avon skin so soft. the fleas really seem to hate it.


-- Lisa (ldleonard@pennswoods.net), September 02, 2001.

I got rid of fleas in our house years ago by sprinkling salt on all the carpets and vacuuming it up. It worked but rusted the vacuum cleaner something terrible (the humidity is very high here). Not sure if I would do it again because of that.

-- Elizabeth in E TX (kimprice@peoplescom.net), September 02, 2001.

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