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I am heading to Denver on September 15. I'll have a couple of days at my disposal for recovering from the jet-lag then I'll be going to Utah. I'd like to shoot one or two pictures of the aspen trees in foliage in the Denver area. Does anybody know an easy access area for a shoot like that . Furthermore , any suggestion for a location where to shoot the city skyline with the mountains in the background? Thank you in advance Roberto - Italy

-- Roberto (rmander@libero.it), August 30, 2001


Roberto: Some suggestions. Denver skyline. Try the eastern end of the Denver City park just off Colorado Blvd. Aspen trips? Denver west to Central City/Blackhawk area, then take the scenic drive north along the eastern edge of the continental divide. Another would be the Georgetown/Silverplume area, about 45 minutes (one way time)west on Interstate hiway I-70. Get a Colorado map,and a Denver map to check these locations and contact me directly if I can be of assistance. I am a professional photog in Denver. Welcome to beautiful Colorado. Richard Boulware

-- Richard Boulware (boulware-den@att.net), August 30, 2001.


The suggestions of Mr. Boulware are right on the mark. If you are looking for Fall Color, your timing my be just a bit early. However you won't be disapointed. The "Peak to Peak Hiway" running North from the Blackhawk and Central City area is excellent. It will lead to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, all excellent and worth the time. I would also suggest that Denver has a very Photographic skyline and you will find as many Great exposures that do not include the Mountains as those that do. It is also wonderful and relativly safe for night work. I hope you have the pleasure of Driving to Utah(another great destination). If you are driving and depending on your destination, your choices are unlimited. I hope you enjoy your stay in Colorado and Utah. Just another note, we have excellent Pro Shops in the Denver area should you need any LF Materials during your stay. If I can be of help please feel free to contact me.


-- R. L. (Mac) McDonald (rmacsteam@aol.com), August 30, 2001.

Richard's suggestions are good ones, especially the drive north through Blackhawk. This is known as the peak to peak highway and it offers very nice views of the continental divide. It ultimately winds up at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, where you'll find plenty to shoot.

You're a bit early for prime Aspen viewing, but you'll probably see pockets of color change at higher altitudes. The peak to peak is one of the more popular Aspen viewing routes in the front range area.

One other quick trip I'd suggest is a drive over Guanella Pass. The road takes off from Interstate 70 at Georgetown. The route offers some stunning scenery. Take a look at the following link for more information:


-- Tim Klein (timklein@qwest.net), August 30, 2001.

One more quick note. Sept. 15th is a long time away and our weather here changes by the Hour! But it has been a little Dry and the City is a bit Hazy during the day and early evening hours. Be prepared with filters( sometimes they do help) and don't sleep in. Your best times will be very early mornings and very late evenings. These are just on my habits, and they work well for me.


-- R. L. (Mac) McDonald (rmacsteam@aol.com), August 30, 2001.


If you have the time and access to a car, try the Leadville area and then drive over the continental divide into Aspen. I have many great images from the trees, river and scenery by going this route. Also, before you get into Aspen, there is a ghost town called Lincoln. If you happen to stay in Aspen (many, many hotels), there are the Pyramid Peaks and some interesting high country lakes outside of town which you will probably want to visit. You can then route back to Denver via Glenwood Springs and Vail, catching some of the canyons along the way.

Good shooting!


-- John Bailey (mdwphoto@aol.com), August 30, 2001.

To what has been accurately suggested---out of Denver, go to the Evergreen exit & head towards Bergan Park towards the summit of Mt. Evans,(perhaps a little frost or new snow by your arrival) a top of the world view of the Great Plains of Denver(East) as well as looking North, South & West--then head toward IdahoSprings/Georgetown--There's "gold in them darn hills". bon chance!

-- Raymond A. Bleesz (bleesz@vail.net), August 31, 2001.

Well what can I say? Thanks to all for the very helpful responses. Hope to take gret pictures Ciao to all

-- Roberto (rmander@libero.it), September 04, 2001.

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