B-17 at Treasure Island World's Fair

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I'm trying to get information on the B-17 bomber displayed at the 1939-1940 exposition on Treasure Island. Does anyone have photos of this plane, or can they point me towards any resources that might be able to fill me in on its history? (I've been to the SF Public Library's photo site already.) I'm hoping there might be an on-line history group specializing in the World's Fair and its exhibits. Thanks.

-- John (jamartini@earthlink.net), August 29, 2001


Following are some links i found to Treasure Island fair info, maybe this helps you somewhat further:

http://www.lib.csufresno.edu/SubjectResources/SpecialCollections/World Fairs/ http://newdeal.feri.org/library/d_z_ft.htm http://www.sfmuseum.org/hist1/index0.1.html#fairs http://www.ggie.com/ggie/info/contact.html http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/BANC/Exhibits/Looking/hardtimes.html


-- Bob Verbrugge (bob_verbrugge@compuserve.com), August 30, 2001.

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