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Hi there,

somewhere on the page I read about the need of bug-tracking systems in general and that you're using FogBugz. Why is nobody speaking about Mozilla's bug tracking system Bugzilla? I'm using it and find it very powerful and customizable for its purposes.

I briefly scanned thru the FogBugz Pages and found it maybe a bit oversized? A big advantage of bugzilla is, that it is for free

Anyway, Any feedback whats better about FogBugz is highly appreciated. Or can anybody share experiences with bugzilla?

so long, joerg

-- Anonymous, August 28, 2001


bug tracking system - addition


i just found some post in this board... but they are rather old. So I just want to mention I read those postings but would still like to share experiences about the current bugzilla (2.12) which is more secure than 270 days before (referinjg to the posts).

thanks, joerg

-- Anonymous, August 28, 2001

I've used Bugzilla for a while, and my main comment is that it would be execllent for tracking bugs in a Mozilla, but to use it on other projects required either ignoring a bunch of stuff specific to web browser development or customising extensively. As the Bugzilla installation was maintained by another group we couldn't customise so there was a whole bunck of stuff that took up screen realestate and did nothing useful.

My point here? While its open source nature means that Bugzilla can be modified and customised, this doesn't mean that it will be. And there is not much difference between paying for FogBugz (or whatever it costs), and paying for a developer to play with Bugzilla for a few days to get it running, and then a few more days to get it customised.

-- Anonymous, August 30, 2001

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