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Who is Marie-Paule Guigère and what is Mary's Army?

-- Enrique Ortiz (, August 28, 2001



-- Enrique Ortiz (, August 28, 2001.

Never heard of either, Enrique.
Cannot find anything about Guigere.
Came across fleeting references (with no contact info) to:
Mary's Army International, Inc.
Mary's Army to Save Souls (MASS)

I hope that someone else can help you.

-- (jgecik@amdg.ihs), August 29, 2001.

The Army of Mary was founded August 28, 1971 in Quebec, Canada by Marie-Paule Giguère. My knowledge of the Army is limited but as best I can decipher, the Army is comprised of at least an order of priests, "les fils de Marie", an order of religious sisters "les filles de Marie" (???) and a lay fraternity. The Army of Mary has been called an heretical movement by the Vatican and Canada's Catholic bishops, who say the group is dividing the Church and are urging its adherents to quit. Members of the Catholic Church who are part of the Army of Mary will be required to make a profession of faith soon, to solidify their place within the Catholic Church. All will be required to make the profession of faith to maintain their Catholicism.

The founder claims to have received divine messages from Mary, in order to carry out a mission in her name. Despite the decisions of the Vatican, the Army of Mary maintains it is following the teachings of the Catholic Church. In my particular diocese there are three Army of Mary priests and about five nuns working in parishes. They have been working in our diocese for some time. In fact, our Bishop’s personal secretary is a nun from the Army of Mary.

The men and women of the Army of Mary I have encountered in this diocese, have impressed me for their dedication to Jesus and His Church. The foundress, whom I have not met, seems to be the core of the problem. She is a charismatic individual who can at times rub people the wrong way with her confrontational interpretations of Church doctrine, particularly those doctrines concerning Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Her provocative statements and claims have caused concern among Church hierarchy and only of late, has this boiled over to the point where the Vatican is now taking firm and concrete action to correct and order it feels has gone a bit too far.

St. James and Mary Our Blessed Mother, protect those who believe in your Son, and as always pray for us.


-- Ed Lauzon (, August 29, 2001.

Thank you very much for your illustrating answer. It is good to be curious about many things that you hear or read here and there, but it si better to find domeone who has the answers.


-- Enrique Ortiz (, August 30, 2001.

You will find more information on the Army of Mary on the following address.

Sister Mary Thomas

-- Sister Mary Thomas (, November 11, 2001.

Dear Enrique, Firstly let me say that I smiled when I read your question concerning the Army of Mary because heaven it seems has led you to ask about the Army of Mary on the very day of the anniversary of its founding, August 28! Now that Providence has prompted you to inquire, may heaven guide me in responding to you! Well firstly let me say that I have been in the Army of Mary since 1996 and I can testify with all my heart that if it were not for this "work" of heaven, I would probaly still be a "nominal" Catholic at best, as at that time I was barely practising my Catholic faith. But what a change Mary has wrought in me and so many others through this most beautiful work of heaven! And what a wonderful appreciation for our holy Catholic faith so many of us have gained through the various devotions of the Army of Mary. And what a love we have developed for the sacraments, most especially the Blessed Sacrament, thanks to the Army of Mary! For the devotion of the Army of Mary in centered on what we call the "Triple White", that is the Eucharist, Mary and the Pope. So much more could be said here about the Army of Mary, its heavenly foundations, and how it has been guided by heaven for 32 years while all the while satan has stormed against it, for through Mary's Army he knows that "She will crush his head", but I think that perhaps the best explanations can be found on the Army of Mary's website, which can be found at:

Truly the best information can be found at the official Army of Mary site above, but you may also like to see my personal webpage on the Army of Mary: Please fell free to email me if you have any comments or questions.

May Jesus and Mary be with you always! Union in the Two Hearts, Glenn Dallaire

-- Glenn and Brenda Dallaire (, November 28, 2002.

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