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I have made many VCD's (single track as well as multiple track i.e. VCD 2.0). I use hardware based encoders for capturing video and later burn a flawless VCD. But so far I could not make a flaw-less 'AutoRun' VCD. I tried with 'Sony Video X-Press' and 'Combi CD player' with some success and then again ...these are not freeware! Also ...the 1st video track might play but not the subsequent tracks.

Please comment.

-- Chetan Umarje (, August 27, 2001


Just out of interest, could you please tell me what hardware encoder you are using to make your VCDs. I know this has got nothing to do with your question, but im looking for a hardware encoder which would give me good quality, and maybe you can give me some info on how good your one is. Thanks


-- sharky (, August 27, 2001.

I ve made a VCD for MPG songs downloaded from net. I used nero5.5.2 and All I do is in the property of each song I put time gap as 0 seconds which was 5 seconds by default (sometimes infinite). After that this VCD, when played never stops (no gaps between songs) once started. I play this in DVD player as well.

-- Roger Ohara (, August 29, 2001.

Thank you for your reply Roger....I think this is possible only with Nero ...but on a stand-alone VCD/DVD player..can you jump to desired track / song ?

-- Chetan Umarje (, August 31, 2001.

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