What names have come up as possible people running for Bishop in 2004 ?

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What names have come up as possible people running for Bishop in 2004 ?

-- Anonymous, August 27, 2001


There are a myriad of names that are out there seeking the high holy office of Bishop. Lots of folks who did not get in 2000 will try again in 2004. With the number of bishops retiring being as large as it is, the chances of being elected are greater and so the number of candidates will no doubt be greater.

I am a pastor in the Peidmont Conference, in the Abbeville-Greenwood District, in the Seventh Episcopal District, which is ably presided over by the Right Reverend Henry Allen Belin, Jr. South Carolina, which incidently has the largest amount of churches (approximately 610) in the least amount of land area, has several candidates running for bishop. The ones I know of right immediately are the Rev. James R. Glover, pastor of Reid Chapel AME Church, Columbia, SC; the Rev. Julius H. McAlister, pastor of Mt. Zion AME Church, Florence, SC; the Rev. William Smith, pastor of Mother Emanuel AME Church, Charleston, SC; the Rev. Daniel L. Simmons, pastor of Friendship AME Church, Mt. Pleasant, SC; and the Rev. John H. Gillison, presiding elder of the Edisto District, SC Annual Conference.

I intentionally left off one candidate's name because although I know and like the other gentlemen listed and respect their ministerial careers and have looked up to them all for quite some time, the person who, in my opinion, is the top candidate from SC is the Rev. Dr. Allen Wayne Parrott, presiding elder of the Kingstree District, Palmetto SC Annual Conference. Dr. Parrott is both my mentor and my friend. He is well-liked and respected across our Episcopal District, is a great preacher, a wise person, a thinker, and a person who will listen - all qualities needed on the bench.

Dr. Parrott has been entrusted with 3 of the "Big Ten" pulpits in SC; namely, Mt. Zion AME, Charleston, where the first SC Annual Conference was held in 1865; Williams Chapel AME, Orangeburg, home to many administrators and employees of both SC State University and Claflin College; and Morris Brown AME, Charleston, SC's largest AME Church. Other churches in SC prior to these three were pastored by Dr. Parrott while in Seminary at the ITC in Atlanta. Each of Dr. Parrott's pastorates have been marked with progressive and solid ministry, building lives of the total person, and the fact that he never "had to leave" any charge to which he was appointed. Each appointment was a promotion because of the quality of his work and not because he "messed up." For me, that's important! It seems like the AME Church often promoted failures instead of rewarding successes!

Dr. Parrott has served in numerous church and community venues and each tells of his mighty contribution to them all. Take note, AME Church, of this kind of record. Take note, AME Church, of this man. I lift him up because I believe God has set him apart to be a bishop in the church and I further believe that he would not bring shame to the same. Be on the look out for heavy PR in all AME media about Dr. Parrott because he is a fine candidate.

Again, other candidates from across the church are seeking this office but I wanted to lift up my mentor particularly. God Bless us all as we stive to do ministry in and for the AME Church

-- Anonymous, August 27, 2001

Myron, I agree with you whole heartedly. Dr. Parrot is a good friend of mine and has done excellent work. He has developed a wonderful model for developing class leaders in the church. I think the church will do well to elect someone with Elder Parrot's integrity. Of course their is another candidate who is my favorite, but at the moment I want to second your motion

-- Anonymous, August 27, 2001

From southern Africa, I think there are two serious candidates. Presenting them on this medium does not exclude anyone else. These are 1. From the 15th Episcopal District, the Rev. Andrew B Lewin. the present Administrative Assistant of Bishop Gregory G M Ingram. He is a seasoned pulpiteer and also an outstanding Presiding Elder. He has shown and proven himself in our district, and I think that the connectional body will not err in elavating him to this holy office, and 2. Rev. Dr. Wilfredt Messiah. the Dean of the R R Wright Theological Seminary. He is academically trained, knows the set-up in the USA and is currently acquiring the "African experience" many said he has been lacking. We are aware that these two gentlemen may be youthful in age, in comparison with other elder candidates from Africa, but the Scripture teaches us "let no one despise your youth!" What Africa needs at the moment are a mixture of youth and age.

Speaking on this issue, I also wish to have some confirmation the resolutions of the recently held Bishop's Council. Word circulates in Africa that the Council wish to encourage the church to reserve a number of seats for African candidates in 2004. Five seats have been proposed, so we hear. In my mind, I would really see a situation whereby the number of reserved positions should be reduced to three in 2004 and that additional African candidates should be elected on merits, with the guarantee that at least one position be reserved quadrennially until 2012 for Africa. How does this proposition sound? I would really love to hear the wider connectional body participating on this question, as we are noew preparing for the Africa Jurisdictional Meeting to be held by January 2002 in the 18th Episcopal District. Some people are proposing that all African districts should be led by newly African bishops, but I think that was not the spirit of the organising AJC meeting. We want to remain part and parcel of the Connectional body, also contributing towards the General Budget Fund, with American-based bishops assigned to overseas districts and with overseas bishops assigned to American districts to put it bluntly. Come and lets reason together on this one, without character assasination.

-- Anonymous, August 28, 2001


-- Anonymous, August 28, 2001

I am delighted to continue to contribute to this discussion. I have written about this subject in the Christian Recorder. I believe the challenge of 2004 can only be compared to 1972. The major issue now is Non-American representation amongst the Bishops.

The discussion amongst the African delegates to the last General Conference would be most helpful here. From their perspective, "a Non- American is a person born outside of and serving outside of the United States." It was in this context that I was invited in 1996 to be a candidate for 2004.

I believe that when we look at the leadereship of the Church we will determine the following must be considered for the class of 2004: 1) Age (impacts length of service as a Bishop) 2) Credentials (level of education) 3) Ministerial experience (contribution to the Church)

With seven seats to be filled, I believe that the Church will be forced to hear the voices of persons outside of the United States. In responding, I believe that the Church will elect people on merit, as we did our first female Bishop, not just on geographical criteria.

The First Episcopal District is likely to present ten candidates,, all of whom will have made a significant contribution to the work of our Zion.

Overseas/Non-American names circulating that I am aware of are: Presiding Elder Rev. Andrew B. Lewin Rev. Dr. Wilfred Messiah Rev. Dr. Leonard santucci

Because I am Dr. Leonard Santucci I can tell you I am probably the least known amongst this number and I remain undeclared. However, someone has thought it appropriate to put my name out there. Thank you for the endorsement.

Will I seek such an office? Right now, I am to busy Pastoring Heard Chapel AME Church, working within the Bermuda College, serving within the Island community, and creating structures for the AME Re-insurance Company Ltd.

For now, join me in prayer regarding the thought of me being a Bishop.

-- Anonymous, September 01, 2001

Amen Rev. Santucci Amen to this approach

God Be With You

-- Anonymous, September 02, 2001

Unless we make some muchneeded changes in our church, (which we failed to do in the 2000 General Conference) we won't need any new bishops. The "aging" of my beloved zion distresses me much and when I see so many aspiring to become bishops when the need is so great at the grassroots, pastorial level.


Pastor Pairs

-- Anonymous, September 03, 2001

Rev. Santucci, you are really full of yourself! You have about as much chance being a Bishop as "Shaneeka" has in being Queen of England. No one asked you to run for Bishop, for you would certainly run out! And to all of you other ministers who keep referring to yourselves as "Rev. Dr." with a D. Min. degree or some other terminal degree, please give it a rest. Nowadays, the most intelligent ministers do not even use the title "Rev." nor "Dr." but simply use John Doe or John Doe, Ph.D., etc. It appears that everyone in the AME Church nowadays is a Doctor (or a Nurse).

And Rev. Santucci in your attempt to uphold Bishop Ming just because he is your fellow countryman is doing you no good; a despot or crook is just that, whether he is from Bermuda, Africa or the U. S. Everyone knows him for what he is; the biggest crook, thief, charlatan, and the most arrogant, incompetent, and dirtiest Bishop in the history of the AME Church. Now he is getting a terrible "spanking" for all his dirty deeds.

So, Rev. Santucci, in your attempt to impress yourself, you are doing a great job because the rest of us are neither impressed nor interested.

-- Anonymous, September 04, 2001

Actually, Dr. Santucci, I'd be interested in the names of the other 9 candidates from the First.

As information is gathered, the Reedy Chapel web site will bring its candidate list up to date as well.


-- Anonymous, September 04, 2001

Has Rev Attles from 1st made an announcement if he is running ? If not, has anybody from the 1st other Rev Santucci made an announcement ?

-- Anonymous, September 05, 2001

I am not aware if Rev. Dr.Leroy Attles is/is not running. I question the appropriateness of me listing the names of persons who have not declared themselves as candidates, but I am pleased to provide deails as follows:

Previous Candidate:Rev. Dr. Leroy Attles - New England Declared Candidate:Rev. Dr. Alvin Johnson - New England Anticipated Candidate: Rev. Trevor Woolridge - New Jersey Potential Numbers of Candidates: Western New York:- New York:- New Jersey: 3 New England:3 Philadelphia:3 Delaware: 0 Bermuda: 1 As I have stated previously, if these or others from within the First District run, they will have all made a real contribution to the spread of the gospel and the building of our Zion. The choice of leaders to be elected and consecrated at the General Conference of 2004 will be an impressive class. Their contribution to the work of the church will be long lasting. There are many issues to process in selecting this class. I believe that we must be prayerful now and not wait until than.

-- Anonymous, September 09, 2001

There are many persons seeking the honors of the Episcopacy but ti feel that the Rev. Dr. Alvan N. Johnson Jr., pastor of Bethel in Bloomsfield Ct. would serve the church with honor and distinction. He has proven himself in all arenas of African Methodism and has a full portfolio of accomplishementys that are not only impressive but spirit filled and directed. In 2004 the church should take a good look at Dr. Johnson and I am sure you will agree with me and be moved to vote for spirit filled and 21 st century vision for ministry. Remember the name ALVAN JOHNSON a man of faith the grandson of one of our former Bishops of the AME Church a devoted husband a herculian pastor and a real friend to all Gods people. The AME Church needs him on the bench of Bishops.

-- Anonymous, November 14, 2001

These thoughts seem worthy of further review based on the continued discussion regarding the Bench in 2004.

-- Anonymous, December 11, 2001

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