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Why is it when I use the "snapshot" mode in my Dazzle internet edition parallel port DVC to grab a still from a mpeg file (uploaded with the DVC) on my hard drive the results look like the horizontal hold is off?

Some have said it be cause I did not deinterlace, but, I have using AVI2MPG to do that and I still get the lines. Other say use smaller capture size, but, that does not work, And still more say that Dazzle is bad at capturing stills from video.

Who's right?

And is there a way for still capture in Dazzle DVC

-- Joshua Szayer (102052.2604@compuserve.com), August 27, 2001


I use the same Dazzle internet device but with a USB connection. Don't know if that makes a difference. I get really good video captures and when I have done snapshots they are quite good considering the source. I have recently been printing out some pictures of my children on a high quality photo printer and frankly they are what they are-- pictures from a TV screen. But considering the fact that I can't go back in time and take real stills with real film they are fun to do and look at. I wonder if you have your capture bit rate set high enough. Have you tried to pause the video and doing the snapshot that way? I am using a 450mghz PII with 128 of ram Dell notebook to do all of this.

-- Bill Frye (wfrye2@wvu.edu), February 15, 2002.

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