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Hello there, I own a leicaflex sl with a 50mm and a 90mm lens. I recently acquired a Leica R6.2. I have heard that Leica R lenses will fit my leicaflex sl. My question is: Will Leicaflex SL lenses fit my R6.2? I have heard that they will fit but that using leicaflex sl lenses with the R system cameras will make the light meter inaccurate. I have also heard that a cam can be installed on the liecaflex lenses that will make them fit the R cameras. If so, does anyone have any info on who does this and how much it costs. As you all know Leica lenses are not cheap and the cost of the R6.2 has put quite a dent in my pocket. I would appreciate any information that would be useful. If anyone has any experiences about lens swaps between these systems I would appreciate your comments.

thank you in advance Allen

-- Allen Chardin (, August 27, 2001



I found the following sites useful on the question of cams in Leica SLR lenses:

Sorry, I have no idea of the cost of converting SL compatible lenses for R use.


-- Ray Moth (, August 27, 2001.

This is from an old price list (Dec96) but it should give you a rough idea. $85 to $100US for a 2 to 3 cam conversion. Here is a clickable link for that cam website:


-- John Collier (, August 27, 2001.

Check out this thread

The short answer is that all Leicaflex SL lenses will fit the R6.2 no problem - but you may need a third cam installed to allow open-aperture metering. Leica can convert any lens you may have. By the way the earlier Leicaflex lenses are basically excellent and have superior mechanical constrcution than the current lenses (as is the case with the M lenses), but they are heavier. Some current lenses are better of course too - but whether it is really worth getting into a fuss about is up to you.

-- Robin Smith (, August 27, 2001.

Tele-converters are the exception. For some reason, the sl teleconverter will not work on an R camera - nor vise-versa. I've had many SL lenses converted to the three cam system at a cost of less than $100 each. DAG, for one, does the conversion.

Regards - Seth

-- Seth Honeyman (, August 27, 2001.

The SL/SL-2 tele-converter will work on R bodies in stop-down mode. The R tele-converter won't work on Leicaflexes at all.

BTW, I have a mint, in-the-box SL/SL-2 converter for sale if any one is interested.

-- Bud (, August 27, 2001.

Do *not* attempt to mount a ROM or 3rd-cam-only lens on an SL or SL2. Without the 2nd cam to push back the meter lever the 3rd cam crashes into it. If you mounted it in a hurry you could hit it hard enough to jam something.

-- Jay (, August 27, 2001.


You could shoot with a R6.2 and any 2-cam lens using a pre-set F-stop lever every time. Simultaneously you could control a DOF.

-- Victor Randin (, August 28, 2001.

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