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in my free time, i am producing a new CD for a group called rosewynde, a flute and harp duo that plays celtic and traditional music. i havent shot a scenic, landscape type view in 15 years, and would really like something nice for this cover, and i would be very pleased if i could use an image from one of you folks from this forum. i will pay a reasonable useage fee and will send you a few copies of the CD when it is released.

so, if you are interested in having one of your photographs on a nice CD cover, the name of the CD will be "summer ayres". the performers both seem to want a color view this time (i used a historic albumen photo of some castle ruins on the last CD, which you can see here - ). for the new CD, i was thinking something like a very open landscape with a low horizon, or winding country lane, or misty morning with a horse, but i am open to anything that expresses the theme and leaves me good places to put the titles. i will probably be selecting 3 images - front and back covers and something for the inside of the booklet. the two cover views will be printed in color and should allow for a near-square cropping, and the inside view is a 2:1 rectangle (horizontal, of course) and may be printed in B/W and cropped to any shape. if you have a view or few you'd like me to consider, please email me some 75dpi scans and your useage fee information to - thanks, i really look forward to seeing some of your work.

-- jnorman (, August 27, 2001

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