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I'm curious to learn more about the alley I live on. The building I'm in has supposedly survived both major quakes, and is estimated to be at least 120 years old. My roommate dug up something on it and thinks it may have been a brothel back then. It's an L shaped building that has a courtyard designed to be very private.

I'm also most curious about the first fire station in SF. It's at the intersection of Osgood Place on Pacific between Montgomery and Sansome. You can even see the old stables with large arches which has been turned into an office.

Any one with any info on this area or can direct me to info on this area is most appreciated. Thanks in advance!


-- JP (, August 26, 2001


What alley do you live on? If it's Osgood Place, that's more Jackson Square than North Beach. Osgood Place was called Ohio Avenue until 1909.

The SF Public Library's historical photograph collection has a lot of views of the area. You can search by nearby street names, then go through the images until you find something that looks familiar. Quite a few buildings along Broadway are still there from the 1880s. Here's the URL for the photo collection:

-- Rosa Debonneheure (, August 27, 2001.

In response to your question about the firehouse. That is not the first firehouse in the city. That is old Engine Company #1 and has been out of service for over 75 years.

-- A. Douglas (, August 27, 2001.

I knew I'd forgotten something. The SF Fire Department Museum is now on line:

-- Rosa Debonneheure (, August 29, 2001.

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