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Anyone watch the Peter Chung short film? There is a wonderful demo reel of Peter's work, including Aeon Flux and also some I haven't seen before. I love the horses, and the action of his work is great to watch. He is evidently well known for action amongs his characters, Aeon Flux is still the most acrobatic, but prior to Aeon's demo on the film is a young teen or boy on a sort of skateboard antic, using a what looks like a chunk of earth broken loose in an earthquake, (he is an L.A. artist) maneuvering down a stairrail. I have no idea what this one is, but its great, the hair alone is priceless.

-- Barb e. (, August 26, 2001


That must be the Levi's ad. It's very funny, & even has a Chungian ending: he's so caught up in what he's doing, the large creature behind him goes unnoticed...

-- Inukko (, August 26, 2001.

I finally got to check this site out. It is bordering on cruelty to show just brief seconds of each. To view each short in it's entirety would be something we would all appreciate so much (that is a hint) The few frames from the CD-Rom commercial did look magnificent though (despite their size).

-- William (, August 28, 2001.

Ah, so now I finally know who did that Barkley Nike commercial. I only saw it a couple times a long time ago (in the early 90's). I've been looking for the commercial online, but to no avail... Wish I could find the Jordan one too, I never saw it.

-- mckevin (, November 16, 2001.

I've got this some of this earlier material somewhere about also - I HOPE. I've been on the run like a motherfucker until quite recently now; I haven't even evaluated my master inventories. I'll look it up but I'm afraid to find (it or other items) missing, you see...lemme see. (I guess this makes 3)

-- dangerboy (, November 16, 2001.

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