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I am developing TMX 4x5 in tanks with Diafine (2 solution compensating developer). I keep getting streaks of uneven development on my negs (the sky is too painful to look at!). I do 4 "tilts" each minute and develop for 5 mins each in solutions A and B. Anyone with some advice on how to handle the negs to get rid of the streaks? I'm trying to follow the directions that come with the Diafine where they say GENTLY agitate the film for 5 seconds each minute. Thanks in advance. Keith

-- Keith (, August 26, 2001


Have you tried tray development with a water pre-soak? I gave up on tank development years ago due to problems with skies.

-- Merg Ross (, August 26, 2001.

Barbecue sauce, maybe? DJ

-- N Dhananjay (, August 26, 2001.

I have been using Diafine for years and have a bit stronger aggitation than you state. Two things come to mind that I had trouble with years ago... is the streaking in the direction of your hanging the film? or is it a plus density around your film holders? If it is in the direction of hanging (if you hang from a corner to dry and the marks are across the film), it might be because your film end run is to strong. I used to use Kodak's Photoflo until I tried a drop of Ethol's LFN. It is much cleaner working!!! Secondly, if it around your film holder in processing, it might be contamination by the end run not being cleaned off your developing hangers. Just a couple of ideas that were changed and now I don't have any problems...

-- Scott Walton (, August 26, 2001.

This is why I really like 8x10. When you put steaks on the bigger film you have enough for a real meal, not just a snack.

-- Dan Smith (, August 26, 2001.

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