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Therefore, a vote was passed to disallow nvram recordings in uploads. I'm not exactally sure what this means, since I still don't see a huge problem with recordings that upload the nvram file with the inp. The only problem with doing this is some games change the nvram state while recording, thus you'll need to copy the nvram file before you record, but there are very few of these games, most of them keep the same nvram state.

The cgangpzl games can be recorded and played back with out an nvram directory, the only catch is you have to hit the F3 key during playback at the same time it was pressed during recording. This can be tricky when the person recording the inp isn't usually the one playing it back. Thus I think this game cgangpzl and cgangpzj (and any specific games we find later) should be recorded with an nvram file and uploaded with it so playback can be garuanteed with out timing issues of hitting F3 on playback.

I'm presuming this vote now declares recordings that are uploaded with just an .inp and do not playback with out an nvram file to be zeroable. But, what happens when the recording was recorded with an nvram file because the user forgot or the installed a new mame that graciously creates the nvram directory when you unzip it. My policy before on this was to zero the recording for first time offendors and let it slide for people who "i think" knew what they were doing but forgot. Should we be hard nose and zero the recordings if they were recorded with an nvram?

-- Anonymous, August 26, 2001


I think we have to listen to what the masses voted for and be hard- nosed and zero any recording that requires an NVRAM to playback.

Except of course for games that are not possible to record and playback without an NVRAM, in which case that can be listed in the special rules for those games.

Cheers, BeeJay.

-- Anonymous, August 28, 2001

I think it should be:

No NVRAM allowed unless:

a. You want to change the settings to harder difficulty (allowed in MARP forever and ever and ever), and it requires NVRAM to do it.

b. You can't avoid setting a default NVRAM.

I think those are the two main ones. Maybe there are some others? GB9

-- Anonymous, August 28, 2001

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