Who Is Using My Emaill Address?

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Please stop right now, isn't there a law against such things or is this forum beyond the law.

Please just stop.


-- Abby Lane (abbylane2001@hotmail.com), August 25, 2001


I have no idea what level of government could enforce such a law, but I'm pretty darned sure Unk Deedah has LOTS better things to do than to check up on the email address of everybody posting here.

We've had imposters here before. They are a bad nusiance. Try not to get too het up about it.

-- Miserable SOB (misery@misery.com), August 25, 2001.

This forum is beneathe the law. It is lawless. It is anarchy. Live with it or return to Stinkbomb.

-- (black flag@anarchy.forever), August 25, 2001.

Prolly one of your alter egos.

-- (Abby_Who?@Who_am_i.com), August 25, 2001.

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Anyone else want a list : )

Btw abby this is JUST a joke... dont worry..

-- UseNet (UseNet@aol.com), August 26, 2001.

yep I did it, its me. Oh well. so sue me

-- sumer (I@aint.saying), August 30, 2001.

Needless to say, I did not post the above.

-- sumer (I@aint.saying), September 01, 2001.

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