The aforementioned Adolph Sutro documents are now online.... : LUSENET : San Francisco History : One Thread

I previously made reference to various documents pertaining to Adolph Sutro. I have now scanned them all in high-resolution and posted them online for you all to view for your research.... Please take a look and let me know what you think. I hope this is helpful in answering certain questions about his life.

Scott Trimble
San Francisco, CA

-- Scott Trimble (, August 24, 2001


Scott: In reference to the first item, the application to be a translator, a Gus Oliva was known for many years as the "Mayor of North Beach". You'll find references to him in books on North Beach. Could be worth looking into.

Thanks for posting the documents. They are fascinating.

-- Joe Thompson (, August 27, 2001.

Scott, Thank you for your exemplary generosity. The fact that researchers and historians can look at these documents is a proof of the Internet working for everyone.

For all of you interested in the history of the SUTRO family, also visit the sister-site:

-- Wolfgang Schubert (, August 30, 2001.

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