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I've read a lot information about the new Canon scanner 2400, but nobody seems to give any information about the Canon scatch/dust filter on it. If any of you are using this scanner I would love to have some information (does it work?) on this option or feature on the Canon scanner. I've been thinking about getting one for scanning 4x5 chromes to print at home with my Epson 1280 printer. I know that it's not a drum scan...but I think for the money it would do the job very well.Thanks for your help in advance.

-- John Miller (, August 24, 2001


I work at a camera store and one of the digital employees has been working with Canon's 35mm neg scanner with the same program. He says it does a very good job, not quite as well as the Nikon {Though the Nikon doesn't make a flat bed} but does what it is supposed to do. He was kind of extreem with his test. He used a 25 year old kodachrome slide that looked as if his dog ate it {honestly}. It was not printable at the lab but the program got it to a point where he could do minor touch ups and make an excellent print. Now that was an extreem case but if you use your darkroom experience and dust off the transparency, use gloves to handle it, keep your work area clean, and keep the glass on the scanner clean you will be a lot better off than most of us. Dust always pops up from somewhere and the Canon is more than capable of handling it. You will have a lot less if any touch ups to do.

-- john (, August 24, 2001.

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