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This forum is designed as a meeting place for students enrolled in Introduction to Human Physiology: XB32. The user interface here is simpler than the message board and you can get an e-mail alert whenever someone posts a new message or responds to an existing message.

It's very simple. To ask a new question, click on "Ask a question" on the home page. To answer a question, click on "contribute an answer" at the bottom of the message you want to respond to (see below, for exmple, if you want to respond to this message). Questions will be categorized by unit.

If you need help with the procedures, let me know. If you make a mistake, let me know and I can easily delete or modify what you have submitted.

To get e-mail alerts (so you don't have to log in here all the time to see if anything new has been posted) click here. Be sure to select "instant" notification. You automatically get e-mail alerts when someone responds to a question you posted.

It would be nice if those students who are further along would join in to help those that are not so far along -- it's a great way to review as the final approaches! Ideally, this forum could become a resource for students as a bank of questions and answers to frequently confusing concepts. I am on Chapter 7 and I would be glad to contribute answers to anyone who is on chapters 1-6, to the extent that I can help...

This forum is my own private endeavor and neither sanctioned by nor affiliated with UCExtension Online. All comments are the individual opinions of the participants. If you participate in this forum it is up to you to judge the validity or accuarcy of any statements made on this forum.

-- Michael Gatton (mg143@aol.com), August 23, 2001

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