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I just got my new 110 XL today and have a question about mounting it to a Tech III lens board. The lens didn't come with any spacer ring to go between lens and lens board, but does have a tiny little set screw protruding from the back of the shutter which makes contact with the front of the board and allows clearance for the apeture ring to turn freely. But that small set screw (about 2mm head) is the only point of contact in the front. cranking down on the retaining ring on the back side of the board does squeeze the board against the screw and hold the board parallel with the front element, but the connection is spongy and doesn't seem right. Can anyone tell me if this is normal?

Thanks for any reply,


-- Michael Veit (, August 23, 2001


Take the small screw off, the apurture ring will still turn freely and the lens will be pointing straight ahead. You don't need a spacer ring. The little screw can be used to fit in a hole to keep the lens from spinning around, but if the retainer ring is tight it won't do that. Great careful about a filter hitting the front element, it sticks out.

-- Kevin Crisp (, August 23, 2001.

I frequently see these small screws on new lenses. I believe that they are there to act as a non-rotating anchor in the lensboard. I simply back the screw out completely and mount away. I do not believe that you need a spacer ring. At least I did not with my Nikon lenses. Try it without the screw and see if you can adjust your f-stops. If you can, you are in business.

Good luck.

-- Michael Kadillak (, August 23, 2001.


I suggest you file a suitably sized channel (usually at 6 o'clock position, I think) to accommodate the locating screw.

The lens will sit securely in alignment and the aperture control will move freely.

In a reccent thread on this forum we discussed 'to screw or not to screw'. Particularly with a wide-angle where there is likely to be a Centre-Filter of bigger diameter employed it is a hedge against the lens/shutter rotating under the extra leverage and means that you don't require brute force to clamp the assembly to the panel. A small effort to safeguard your kit.

A further tip is to gently wipe around the edges of the hole in the panel to remove any micro burrs from the drilling or milleing of the hole. The burrs slightly sit the shutter proud of the surface resulting in poor surface contact.

It's a phenomenal lens ... enjoy!


-- Walter Glover (, August 23, 2001.

Wow, thanks for the quick responses, guys! I took the screw out and the apeture ring does indeed still move freely -- who'da thunk it? I will consider filing a groove for the screw like Walter suggested, since it seems a good idea.

Thanks again...


-- Michael Veit (, August 23, 2001.

-- adam (, August 23, 2001.

Steve Grimes is selling a wrench for lens retaining rings. It's great. You put the ring on tight and the lens won't rotate even without the little screw. Certainly no harm in doing it the other way, though.

-- Kevin Crisp (, August 24, 2001.

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