Oops! I meant PORTSMOUTH square, not Washington!

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To anyone looking at my previous question - I meant to say Portmouth square. The building can be seen at ttp://www.inetours.com/Pages/SFNbrhds/China_Town.html - It's the white 3 or 4 story building nestled amongst all the skyscrapers, to the left of the Pagoda. Thanks for your help!

-- L. Leland (lelandl@ao.dtra.mil), August 23, 2001


Who's in town right now to go look? I ain't in the city at the moment.

The building she describes is sitting right next to the Chinatown Holiday Inn. Unless there's a big open space on that block the building is on Kearny Street between Clay and Merchant. The Holiday Inn is the 700 block, so the building number will be 600 (or 500, considering the number of building fatalities).

If there is a sightline open, the building's on Montgomery.

Um, I think that by "wraiths" you mean "wreaths" as in architectural detail. Right? The only building near there that has actual wraiths standing on the roof is that thing that replaced the old Fireman's Fund Building.

-- Rosa Debonneheure (rosadebon@yahoo.com), August 25, 2001.

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