God's Name be praise from the Namibian Annual Coneference

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Dear brothers and sisters

Not so long ago we had a heated debate on overseas development fund and aid that come from the overseas Districts to Africa, how much is being raised and how much actually reach Africa. But today I have good news for you, for the good Lord of Abraham, Isak and Jacob send us one marvelous, loving and caring person to the 15th Episcopal District, Rt. Rev. Gregory G. M. Ingram. A person who believes and upholds the principles of accountability, responsibility and transparancy. For a first time again after very many years, we now know how much is received from where, even overseas donations, and I am not ashame to tell you that Bishop Ingram raised abouty SAR 300 000 in this short period of time, our contributions included and the committee on the Seven Point Partnership Plan projects that we may have raised more than half a million SAR by December this year. Halleluja!

And you know what the good news is, all this money will be used for development projects in the Fifteenth Episcopal District of which Namibia Annual Conference already qualifies to receive about SAR 80 000 to SAR 100 000 for our local projects.

Therefore, brothers the good news is that it would seem as if the 15th Episcopal District the Namibia Annual Conference in particular is regaining trust in the Episcopacy, thanks to the tireless and unselfish efforts of our Episcopal team, Bishop and Mother Ingram.

It is my humble prayer that the good Lord would keep them and sustain them and bless them with wisdom so immense that their works will follow them. I am challenging all the other brothers and sisters in the connection, if you haven't heard about the Seven Point Partnership Plan, make it an effort to get hold of it and study it for one thing I know, even the sceptics in our Conference came around for IT is WORKING. AMEN!

-- Anonymous, August 23, 2001



You will never know how those words ...Transparency, Accountability and responsibility reverberated through my bones when I first encountered it at the Midyear Conference. There is no doubt that Bishop Ingram strives to ensure that his ministry is without blemish.... how different especially from the 1992-1996 administration. May enthusiasm like yours and that of the Bishop become more contagious that more people be rurned onto and into a frame of mind of co-operation with this inspirational partnership plan



-- Anonymous, August 24, 2001

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