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Rev. Dr. C bought the new discipline for the Pastors of the new churches that came into the Pacific Northwest Conference. She is a caring and thoughtful Episcopal Supervisor and pastor. Each day during the Bible reading, I am also reading a couple of chapters of the Discipline. To familarize myself with the doctrine and rules of our denomination. I am going to read the whole book, I must say it is a lot easier to read and understand than the United Methodist Discipline (In my opinion)I want to encourage all of you to purchase it and read it. It really is inspiring. Their is an index that has all the subject listings. It really is a wonderful spiritual road map for running our churches. I especially encourage laity to purchase the book and if you cannot afford to buy the book go half with a friend or friend(s) and share the cost. I am very impressed with the "user friendly format" of the book. What are your thoughts about the latest edition. How does it compare to other editions?

-- Anonymous, August 22, 2001


It is always interesting, and refreshing, to hear the opinions of someone that is new to the denomination. I have often been frustrated when trying to read the Discipline, finding that it reads more like stereo instructions. I won't be so easily frustrated from now on, knowing that there are other denominational disciplines and doctrines that are more difficult to decipher than ours. Perhaps I'll go and read it again with this change of attitude! :)

-- Anonymous, August 23, 2001

W.J the Presbyterian Book of Order is even harder! I often so my presbyterian friends at Seminary in tears trying to figure out their book of doctrine. Most main line denominations have a book that explains their rules and doctrine. And I dare say members in other denominations also groan. But I have always looked at these books as holding our history in our hands. When reading the section on the incorporation of our denomination in the 1930's I cried when I thought of the vision and effort that went into that act, our country was still in a depression. Businesses had folded, spirits were down and our church was looking to the future. Providing a legal foundation for us! When looking at the discipline, think of how many committee meetings people sat at for hours, losing sleep, perhaps money and time so that our denomination could be run in an effective manner. Think of the forethought for those called to ministry in special areanas, local paster, evangelist, exhorters, etc. their path was prepared. Fighting over who owns the church was addressed in early meetings and the solutions are found in our discipline. For every boring section of the book, remember it is the boiler room that drives the ship. When one is on a luxury cruise ship, no one wants to spend time surveying the boiler room (even though they are modernized) we just want to enjoy the trip. But by reading our discipline, we learn the mechanics of our church and the history. Even the section on "burning the mortgage is inspiring" for that section ASSUMES we have the financial ability to PAY off the mortgage. Let us always look for the hand of God in all aspects of our lives, and we see it through the written history of our early A.M.E one last note, the Methodist way as envisioned by John Wesley was to bring a disciplined spiritual, life affirming attitude in our daily walk with God. And when he and his brother started the Methodist society they were ridiculed because of their discipline. Our discipline has brought us a mighty long way.

-- Anonymous, August 23, 2001

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