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I need a sample SLA document for ASP (Contact Center bussines), is any body can help me to get this document. Currently we have a plan to release our product this year. Sample from a few vendor on this field is welcome.

Thanks in advance

-- ismail (, August 22, 2001


I would like to receive one myself. Have you already received a sample that you could send me a copy. Thanks in advance and best regards Manuel

-- Manuel Neves (, September 23, 2001.

Good day to all of you. Me too would like to ask any sample copy of Service Level Agreements (I am connected to a Service oriented department who are rendering services to another departments within the same company) may it be from the actual SLA documents, forms, etc. Thanks a lot to all of you...

-- Lex Fortes (, October 20, 2003.

send it to me also.

-- jp (, January 08, 2004.

I would appreciate a copy of the info as well.

-- M Carr (, March 11, 2004.

Go to and click on the discussion related to the book titled Strategies for Web Hosting and Managed Services ... or better yet, but the book. There is a wealth of material on service level objectives. Also, as a point to ponder, ASP implies providing services to an external customer, which means that there will be no SLA, but a statement of results or contract terms and conditions. SLAs apply to internal organizations.

Mike Tarrani

-- Mike Tarrani (, March 12, 2004.

Hi, Can I have a copy of this?

-- Sai (, April 06, 2004.

I would love to have a copy as well. Thanks to all.

-- Deborah Mandeville (, April 09, 2004.

hi we have a software solution that will assist you in setting up an SLA. we are able to give you a break down of each transation that happend in each application. for example the time spent on the desktop, network and server and you can set an SLA for each item which will then allow you to take the appropriate action when the SLA is not met by sending an alert to products like BMC/Openview etc please feel free to contact me if you would like a copy of the document

-- Brian Peck (, April 18, 2004.

Hi, Could I also have a copy

-- Jane Callcenter (, April 18, 2004.

hi your email address does not allow attachments please send me another email ID by email and I can forward it to you


-- Brian Peck (, April 19, 2004.

Hi there, Could I also have a copy of the SLA document

-- Sanjay Sharma (, May 09, 2004.

Could I also have a copy of the sample SLA document please ?

Much appreciated.

-- Michael Bailey (, May 11, 2004.

hi mike

i have emailed you a copy, let me know if you need any further assistance on the matter regards

-- Brian Peck (, May 11, 2004.

This is a very popular request at the moment could I also jump on the band wagon and request a copy of the ASP SLA and possible one relating to a whole web site. It would be greatly appreciated, as I am currently attending Leeds College of technology and require samples for my project, thanking you in advance. Dave

-- Dave Rawnsley (, May 15, 2004.

Hi, I would also like to have a copy of the doc if someone can send this to me. I am currently in the process of defining SLA for an ASP environment and I belive the doc would be very helpful ! Thanks in advance.


-- Kaushik Kiran (, May 21, 2004.

sent as requested

-- Brian Peck (, May 21, 2004.

I would also like to have this SLA sample document, but if it is not abusing of your good will, I would also like to see if you have the OLA sample that undepins this SLA... Thanks :)

-- Armando Estañol (, May 24, 2004.

Hi Mike,

I'm in the process of putting together an SLA for an external provider and would like to view a copy of this document.


-- Marc Ogundigie (, June 17, 2004.

Hi, like everybody else, I am busy putting together an SLA and so I am looking for samples & solutions. Please can you also send the documents you have to me.



-- Cundell (, June 27, 2004.


I have several versions of sample SLA documents that I can forward, however these docs are specific to certain industries (Application Hosting, Telco, Hotel, etc.) So let me know which one you need.

***PLUG*** My background in SLA Management: I work for Oblicore ( the premier provider of SLA Management and Monitoring solutions. Oblicore Guarantee ESP is an enterprise software application that monitors business processes and SLAs at the business level, revealing the “so what” of technology performance and allowing enterprises to take proactive action. Oblicore Guarantee ESP collects data from network, security, helpdesk, business and proprietary systems, and transforms this data into valuable information about the level of compliance with each SLA, delivering real-time internal/external reports and alerting to violations.

-- Piyush Shukla (, June 28, 2004.

I am working with an organisation who provides remote support services for ERP applications and I am also looking for SLA example which is conataning the clause of Security to address Data Security, Network Security etc.

If anybody can send me copy of SLA it will be of great help to me. Thanks.

-- Ulka Rathi (, July 05, 2004.

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