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I have been successful in capturing clips using with ulead video studio and the all in wonder radeon. However, when I try and edit clips an error message tells me "this avi codec Id may not be trimmed. How do I change to an avi or any other format that can be edited with the ulead?

-- philip klopp (, August 21, 2001


I do not if this helps. I had a lot of trouble with the same card you have. I installed the most recent upgrades from ATI, and all my problems were gone.

Did you installed the most recent drivers/software from ATI?

Luis Gomez

-- Luis Gomez (, August 22, 2001.

This is probably not the answer you are looking for but have you considered recording directly to MPEG-1 with your AIW Radeon? You don't have to record to AVI first. If you go to places like you can find various AVI editors. I think Ulead Video Studio is awful and I'm surprised that so many people use it. They're not free, but there are good MPEG-1 editors out there. talks about one, but I've forgotten what it is. There's also good ATI info there. Womble ( makes MPG2VCR which is a MPEG-1/2 editor. This costs $249 US, but you can get the MPEG-1 only version for about $50. I make SVCDs all the time and I could not get by without MPG2VCR. I suspect if you abandon Ulead for something else, you'll never go back to it.

-- Jason (, August 22, 2001.


I use ulead video studio too. capturing avi with that is very easy too. Just try this method for capturing... use costum format: for ntsc ; 384x288 30 fps for pal and scam 352x288 25 fps silect " full framec uncompressed " option select "uv2" option if your capture devise supports that and set mpeg quality to maximum... just try these and let me know bye for now Viral

-- Viral Mehta (, August 25, 2001.

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