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Can anyone tell me what the guide number is for a Canon 244T speedlite?

-- Rick Smith (, August 21, 2001



The guide number for the Canon 244T is 53 in feet or 16 in meters.

Miguel Ledezma

-- Miguel Ledezma (, November 06, 2001.

I borrowed a flash meter (Seconic 508) and tested the 277T, 300TL and a 577G. The 277T was 19, the 300TL a tiny bit higher and the 577G at 32 (and should be 48).

But the flashes gives good exposure at full, so the 27/30/48 number are actual useful.

The surprice whas what distances the auto was working at. The 277T and 300TL could be worked directly not closer than 2-3 feet before you have to dampen them. The 577G could not go closer than 5 feet!

-- Řyvind Dahle (, February 28, 2002.

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