why do my VCD's videos start to jump after 1.5 mins of playing

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i have a panasonic rd31 DVD player and when i play the vcd's that i have made it plays each track (2 half hour tracks per disc) fine for the first 1.5 mins then the sound and picture starts to jump and then it just gets worst and worst. I've tried different kinds of cdr's and tried lower and higher bit rates from the standard vcd, but it always does the same. i use a hp9100 burner with nero 5.0.3 maybe some one could help me, this is the second DVD player that i've used. The first one (jvc vx522) just made short pauses all the time when my vcd's were playing.

please help, someone. ps. all my vcd's play fine on my pc.

Thanks richard

-- richard myers (rlm_47492@gmx.net), August 21, 2001


I have the same problem. I believe the reason in my case is because the player itself does not specifically say it plays CD-R and CD-RW although it says it will play MP3 (ostensibly on CD-R and CD-RW). I have used both a TEAC and a SONY burner using the very best digital audio CD-R I could find, and have used both Adaptec Easy CD Creator as well as Nero Burning 5.5 without any discernable difference, but for the better quality of high end digital audio CD-Rs. I seem to remember that the disc would play just fine at first. So now, I am looking for a player which specifically say CD-R and CD-RW, but I am also looking for multi-disc, full function karaoke, and region free at the same time, and its like asking for heaven. Good luck with yours. Hope my short note will help narrow down your dillemma.

-- Al Bundy (ako_barok@hotmail.com), August 21, 2001.

The problem is with Panasonic RD31 DVD player like most other DVD players. It's because of the multi-layered & chemically coated CD- R/RW media that bothers the laser lense of a DVD player which keeps on making re-try attempts to read the data which leads to the 'read- ahead buffer' getting empty...and that when the jerks start. DVD players have no problem reading Stamped CD's even if they are scratchy.

-- Chetan Umarje (elegance@giaspn01.vsnl.net.in), August 24, 2001.

I also thought that was the problem until yesterday when i downloaded a mpg file from the internet and encoded it into VCD standard with TMGPEnc. Then i burned it onto a CDR and guess what, it worked perfect. I also then re-encoded a mpg file which i had just created with my DVC II card, that also worked. I also tried burning it onto a CDRW and that was also ok. So the problem is not my DVD player and CDR/CDRW's but my mpeg encoder card which is producing unstable mpeg(VCD) files.

thanks anyway for the help

-- richard myers (rlm_47492@gmx.net), August 24, 2001.

Seems alot of people are experiencing this same jerking and pixelation problem,inlcuding myself. I've even tried CD-RW with no luck.It just seems to me that a TV DVD player reads it differently than PC DVD which works fine for me.

-- Emil Zysk (ezysk@3dup.com), December 18, 2002.

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