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Sunday August 19 06:22 PM EDT

Radioactive Water Detected In Subdivision

Guilford County Officials say an Oak Ridge subdivision's water system contains naturally occurring radioactive particles at levels three times the state limit.Officials have not ordered any immediate changes in water use at Williard Oaks. Williard Oaks is a new subdivision in the Oak Ridge community.

Residents are being told by the state and the operator of the water system that their health is in no immediate danger. Authorities are holding up on ordering changes in water use.

Heater Utilitied, the water system's operator, has until Aug. 29 to submit a plan of correction to the state. For more information, call The Safe Drinking Water Hotline: 1-800-426-4791 or log onto the Web site below.

-- Tess (, August 20, 2001

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