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Im going to buy my first wide angle lens and I would like to know any comparison between the Schneider Super Angulon 75/5.6 and the Rodenstock Grandagon 75/4.5 N.

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards,

Carlos H. Santana

-- Carlos H. Santana (, August 19, 2001



From past posts of this type both lenses are highly regarded and have an equal number of supporters. My vote would be for the Nikkor 75mm F4.5. Its a fantastic lens with the largest image circle of the three. But, you wouldn't go wrong with any of them.

-- Kevin Kemner (, August 20, 2001.

Carlos, Any modern lens will outperform available films. I dont think that you'd tell the difference on a side by side test with any currently available 75mm. Sure, the Nikon gives you a (slightly) brighter screen image, but this is negligible. Get whichever is cheaper!! Regards Paul

-- paul owen (, August 20, 2001.

Hi Carlos

Paul has right, but it depends a bit wich kind of picture you want take! I have the Nikon f4,5 75mm a wonderfull lens. But for my architecture pictures I would sometimes be happier with the Schneider Supper Angulon XL f5,6 72mm. Good luck.

-- Armin Seeholzer (, August 20, 2001.

Calrlos, since you're already talking about the extreme wide angle range, I feel you may want to consider saving a little more money and get the Schneider Super Angulon XL f5,6 72mm instead, if you can. It's a more capable lens because of its larger, high quality image circle. Try Robert White for lowest prices new! Good Luck Andre

-- Andre Noble (, August 21, 2001.

Carlos, Whilst Andre has a valid point concerning covering power, the 72XL is a beast of a lens that takes mighty large front filters! Both the Schneider and Rodenstock are more compact in size and don't weigh a ton! If you need to go "tiny", then the 80XL must be on your list of possibles. Regards Paul

-- paul owen (, August 21, 2001.


You might also want to consider the 75mm f4.5 Caltar II-N. It's no big secret that the current Caltars are made by Rodenstock and are identical in design and quality to their Rodenstock twins. The 75mm f4.5 Caltar II-N is currently on sale at Calumet for $899.95. That's nearly $400 less than the B&H price for the comparable (identical optically) 75mm f4.5 Rodenstock Grandagon-N.


-- Kerry Thalmann (, August 22, 2001.

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